Love Munchies: a dine-and-stay experience (and other romantic tips for a special date at Yays)

If you are afraid that the lockdown may get in the way of love, let us show you a few ways to turn it in its favour instead. We are launching Love Munchies, a romantic dine-and-stay package we created with Pikoteo restaurant for the Yays Neighbourhood Experiences in Amsterdam to show you the silver lining of lockdown. Jump to point 5 to explore the arrangement or read on for some other romantic tips. 

Love Munchies can be booked with every stay at Yays between 12 February and 30 April 2021.
The 75 EUR dinner arrangement includes:

  • Tapas-style dinner for two, Chef’s menu
  • Free Sangria
  • Free Delivery
  • 25% Discount on your stay, when booked together with Love Munchies.

This offer can only be booked directly via


If you want to make the most of a romantic date at Yays, this is our 5-ingredients love potion: 


The past few months might have felt like Groundhog Day in the famous Bill Murray movie, and we all know the side-effects of routine on couples, especially when they live under the same roof.  

Stop living the same day over and over and make your special date stand out by bringing back some mystery into your love life. An apartment stay in your own city can break the cycle and help you claim back some quality time for just the two of you!
The best way to pull this out is play the surprise card. Resist (!) the urge to tell him or her what an amazing idea you have had! Have them block the days in their calendar, but do not reveal the address of your date until the last minute, not even under torture! All they need to know is that they will meet you at a secret location… You may even make it a role play and pretend you are strangers on a blind date, write a cryptic card or hide instructions to find the place in strategically picked spots!
On the designated day, pack your luggage for the both of you and check in first. Checking in a few hours before your partner will allow you to prepare the apartment for any surprise activity you have in mind, hide small gifts, and create the best atmosphere. Lay out some fairy lights, order flowers and champagne, or anything that can help make the place speak to your hearts, so that when your special guest arrives, they will step right into your love trap!
Your Yays Concierge will be happy to be your partner in crime, so feel free to ask them for help in surprising your significant other, for example by assisting with a flower delivery.


If they aren’t flattened enough after seeing all the efforts you went through to surprise them with a romantic staycation, at Yays you will have more arrows in your quiver! With a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, famously comfortable beds, bathtubs in some apartments, and canal views available at many of our locations, Yays apartments offer plenty of ways you can pamper your partner and make them feel loved during your stay.
The day can start with a late breakfast in bed or baking pancakes together, continue with a walk in the neighbourhood... Despite not everything is open at the moment, Amsterdam neighbourhoods never lose their atmosphere, and the Yays Neighbourhood Guide can help you discover their most special sides.  
There are plenty of highlights that can be enjoyed despite the lockdown, including parks and sites of historic and architectural interest.
Back at the apartment, you can watch the sky blush with sunset and pick your favourite way to kill time before dinner – do we need to say more?


Whether you lean on the romantic side or are looking to make things spicy during your romantic retreat, why not organise a themed quiz or a treasure hunt inside the apartment? The two of you will be the subject matter; you can test your partner’s knowledge of your love story or your tastes.
You can hide clues around the apartment and challenge them to solve them to get to the final prize – you choose what that should be.
The Yays locations offer different apartment types to choose from. Some of them are in very special building – like The Yays – Crane Apartment – that make for a great treasure hunt setting.


We can all agree that 2020 has taught us that life is too short to be afraid of feelings. So why not indulge in a walk down memory lane and look back on the highlights of your love story.
Create a video or a photo album with the best of your memories together, pour a glass of wine and show your partner your creation.
Most of the apartments at Yays have a smart TV you can directly plug a USB stick in and play your memory collection on screen.


If you cannot go to the restaurants, let the restaurant experience come to you!
If you are lucky enough to live in or around Amsterdam, we have done all the work for you, in collaboration with our Amsterdam neighbours from Pikoteo! Together we created a special dinner package for couples, ‘Love Munchies’, that will bring all the warmth and flavour of one of our favourite restaurants in Amsterdam to your apartment at Yays. You can even dress up for dinner to create the atmosphere! Make it a real dinner date!


Photo Credit: Pikoteo

Run by Madrid-born chef Miguel and Amsterdam-born top bartender Florian, Pikoteo mixes Spanish, South East Asian and Latin American influences in a surprising dining experience that’s fun, unique and convivial. The name comes from the Spanish verb picotear, which means ‘to nibble’, and summarises the dining concept the restaurant is based on: tapas style dishes with an original twist and fusion influences, all executed with great taste, excellent ingredient, and passion. The menu is varied and full of options, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for eaters of all types and choices! The chef can take care of any dietary restriction and deliver the perfect menu for your special dinner date.
Pikoteo is based in Amstedam West (right around the corner from Yays Bickersgracht and Yays Zoutkeetsgracht) but will deliver your Love Munchies package to any Yays location in Amsterdam, even The Yays – Crane Apartment.

Feed your love with delicious and innovative tapas and, in the process, get to share some love with a great local food joint! It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fantastic dining experience while supporting small business through these challenging times.



Your Concierge is your best friend during your romantic staycation at Yays. Ask them how to rent Yays bikes, where to go for some unusual sightseeing, or where to order flowers and wine. You can ask them (almost) anything you need to make the most of your stay: they are neighbourhood experts and hospitality wizards!



Pikoteo is featured in the Yays Neighbourhood Guide to Amsterdam West. The Yays Neighbourhood Guide is a selection of local spots that make our neighbourhoods worth visiting. We only feature small independent businesses run by passionate entrepreneurs like Florian and Miguel. You will get your copy of the guide at check-in. Use the customizable pages as a journal of your stay!



Love Munchies is part of the Yays Neighbourhood Experiences, our way to help you take your stay at Yays to the next level and fully immerse in the life of the neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood Experiences are add-on packages that include activities, gifts and workshops, to make your time in the neighbourhood as fun and memorable as can be.