Welcome aboard!

Even long-time residents of Amsterdam can learn something new about their own city by exploring it from the water. A boat ride on the canals is the ultimate local adventure and you can live it with the Sailor’s Treat, part of the Yays Neighbourhood Experiences.

Although Amsterdam has been nicknamed for centuries “the Venice of the North”, the canals here have their very own, deeply Dutch charm, with their bricked banks, and quirky bridges to weave the characteristic cobweb pattern of its celebrated canal belt.

A living monument to the Dutch mastery of waters and inspiration to local folk songs, in the warm season the city’s waterways become the Amsterdammers’ favourite playground, with leisure boats sliding on the calm waters with their load of fun, drinks and small sailing parties.
There is a sailor hidden in every Amsterdammer. Many residents own a small leisure boat and look forward to the first days of spring to brush it up and prepare it for new urban sailing adventures. The locals use their boats to share good times with friends and family or to meditate on a solitary sunset sail. 

If you want to tap into the local vibe and unlock your inner Dutch sailor, navigating the canals on a Summer day is the most exciting way to take in the beauty of the city and dive into its authentic spirit.

With the Sailor’s Treat Package, you can combine your stay with an unforgettable sailing experience and see Amsterdam from a new and surprising point of view.

The Sailor’s Treat Neighbourhood Experience includes:

  • 1,5-hour private boat tour through the unique Amsterdam canals including captain/guide, small bites & drinks. Pick up at your doorstep!
  • Welcome drinks in the apartment
  • A gift voucher to spend in the neighbourhood 
  • 50% discount on Yays Bike rental (subject to availability)
  • Free parking at some of the locations, depending on availability (leave the car, take the boat, sailor!)



To learn more about the Sailor's Treat package or if you need help with your reservation, email with Sailor's Treat in the subject.