Concrete Matter


Not another store

Concrete Matter, the Man’s Gift Co. began as a collaborative effort between Tim, Tomas and Jacob - three young, creative guys from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What do you do when you put a graphic designer, an entrepreneur and a museum curator in a room together? An awesome men's gift shop, that's what. Concrete Matter is the brainchild of three Amsterdam creatives who have brought together everything the modern man could wish for in a single store.

At Concrete Matter, they believe there is plenty of space for things and clothes made with care and craftsmanship. High-quality clothing from high-quality materials that affect people and environment as little as possible. Clothing that outlives 'Fast Fashion' and does not fall apart before you can get to love it. How about bicycle pumps made of steel with a gorgeous wooden handle instead of all that plastic? Concrete Matter makes you think differently and sets the standard of quality.

Concrete Matter - Yays Amsterdam

Yays Zoutkeetsgracht and Yays Bickersgracht are only a short walk away!

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Oct 9, 2017
By: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments
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