De Gouden Reael


Explore the Golden Ages at De Gouden Reael 

Located on the Western Islands near Yays Zoutkeetsgracht, 'De Gouden Reael' is one of the most characteristic bar-restaurants of Amsterdam. Overlooking a tiny picturesque harbour, you can enjoy some delicious food and various glasses of exceptional and exclusive wines, every day of the week.

De Gouden Reael is located in one of the oldest canal houses (from the year 1648!), on one of the most photogenic corners in one of the most authentic neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. To get there, you'll have to pass an old-fashioned drawbridge, which instantly transports you to the 1971 movie James Bond; Diamonds are Forever, in which Sean Connery once again saves the world.

Back to 2017. Originally the residence of the Reaels, a family of merchants and mayors, the building was restored and reopened as a pub in 1978. Over the years the bar has attracted and started the careers of many famous artists and chefs, such as Alain Caron, Jean Beddington and John Sistermans. A book with the title 'De Gouden Reael' (1940) by famous Dutch writer Jan Mens, was on the Dutch bestseller list for several months. The story about 'Dolle Griet' (Crazy Gretel) and her time at the bar describes Amsterdam locals as they used to be (and still are today); hardworking, full of humour and with a fierce passion for life. 

De Gouden Reael

With the relaxed atmosphere, French-inspired food and the friendly service, you've found yourself a true gem in the midst of one of the most historic parts of Amsterdam.

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Jun 7, 2017
By: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments
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