Buy local, buy Marqt

Central to the idea of Marqt supermarket is ‘real food’. According to Marqt, real food is authentic, produced with respect for the environment, fresh, local, seasonal, inspired and simply tastes really good!

Marqt is an organic supermarket which uses local suppliers as much as possible and wants to encourage interaction between the customer and producer. For example, in-store signage provides information on which farm the sheep cheese was produced, who baked the fresh bread loaves and who prepared the meals available in the store.

Founders Quirijn Bolle and Meike Beeren, who both worked for international food retailers, noticed that there wasn’t much room for fresh, authentic food and decided it was time for a change. “Customers seem to be increasingly more interested in the wellbeing and background of the products they buy and often can’t find real food in the traditional supermarkets. Marqt brings together customers with farmers and producers who provide them exactly these authentic products".

Marqt - Yays Amsterdam

Aall the food is presented in an attractive and tempting way, and the smells are delicious! It is practically impossible to leave Marqt without a big bag of groceries you can’t wait to taste!

Open: Every day 08:00 - 22:00
Address: Haarlemmerstraat 165

Yays Zoutkeetsgracht and Yays Bickersgracht are only a short walk away!

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Sep 11, 2017
By: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments
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