Museum Het Schip


Not your typical architecture museum

Museum Het Schip is the architecture and design museum about the Amsterdam School. It is located in the world famous worker's palace 'Het Schip' by architect Michel de Klerk in Amsterdam.

Many revolutionary architects such as Michel De Klerk, had ambitious political ideals. They explored new shapes that reflected their vision of society when the time had come to abandon old architectural styles. 

The new Amsterdam School style exuberantly conveyed the architecture's dynamics and structure, using vivid colours and materials and extensive ornaments. Much of this embellishment is dedicated to architecture's spatial role. Amsterdam School buildings determine and manipulate their surroundings, both outside and inside. They also tend to focus on characteristics of their context, such as elegant squares, secluded residential streets or idyllic outdoor areas.

Museum het Schip - Yays Amsterdam

Along the Spaarndammerplantsoen in Amsterdam, three monumental public housing complexes are designed by famous architect Michel de Klerk. The most expressionistic block is nicknamed The Ship and belongs to the top of the Amsterdam School architectural movement of the early twentieth century. The unconventional building exudes an air of festivity and is a true sculpture of bright orange bricks.The Ship is still inhabited and the museum is located in different parts of the building.

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Sep 26, 2017
By: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments
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