Petit Gâteau


Petit Pastry Paradise

Paris may have Ladurée, but Amsterdam has Petit Gâteau. This is the place for the best mini cakes, eclairs, macaroons and madeleines north of the 9th arrondissement. With delicacies like this and canals that won't quit, who needs the Eiffel Tower anyway?

The delicious mini pastries at Petit Gâteau Amsterdam are not only incredibly tasty, but they also look highly creative, like you would expect from a French-style patisserie. Besides the above, you'll find the mini mini's, which are mini-sized pies. A must-try for dessert or snack! They have them in different kinds of flavours, sweet as well as savoury, so there's a choice for everyone!

Petit Gâteau - Yays Amsterdam

Yays Zoutkeetsgracht and Yays Bickersgracht are only a short walk away!

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May 11, 2018
By: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments
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