Workationing: how to take time out without taking time off.


If you’re reading this in the Northern hemisphere, we probably don’t need to remind you that we’re in the middle of winter, the summer holidays are months and miles away, and it shows.
This is the season of productivity, hopefully eased by the occasional weekend getaway squeezed in between busy weeks.
We’ve been taught there is a time for serious commitment and one for vacation. Does it have to be that way, though? We are here to demonstrate it’s always a good time for a workation.

We’ve all been there: a winter Monday morning at the office, a gloomy sky outside your window, emails piling up in the mailbox, a backlog lurking in the shadows of your calendar, and coffee as your only friend.
It won’t be long before your mind drifts away to a foreign land - and that’s perfectly ok. We’re not here to judge but to invite you to welcome one of the best inventions since the stapler to your work life: embrace workation, because if you’ve recognised yourself in our description, you probably need one asap.

In need of a workation?

What is a workation, again?
The term emerged in the past few years from the combination of work and vacation.
Of the many fast changes that work as we know it is going through, the ones that are emerging from challenging the idea that work and leisure are natural enemies might be the most revolutionary.
A whole generation of professionals who are not location-bound, the so-called “digital nomads”, is reaping the benefits of working remotely, thanks to the spreading of fast connectivity to the furthermost corners of the world.
The advantages go far beyond being able to answer work emails while eating overnight oatmeal and avocado in one’s pyjamas from an exotic resort in Bali: location-independent work is not just for millennials nor limited to solo travellers and influencers. Instead, it’s proven to improve performances for a variety of roles across industries and age groups.

The practice of working from a holiday destination is being used as an HR and project management tool and involves more and more subjects - companies and freelancers alike.
Although the benefits of working from home are well known and have even been proved even in a two-year Stanford study, workationing is still too much of a novelty to be backed up by extensive research. Nevertheless, the advantages of taking a break from work routines are becoming common knowledge, and a growing number of companies swear by the positive effects on team building and productivity.
The best way to test them is experiment workationing on your own team. We bet your co-workers will be the happiest guinea pigs ever!

You can call a workation at any time of year and for different purposes.

A company workation can:

- Support your team efforts to meet an important deadline.

- Take you to a quiet and happy place to devote a special project all the attention it needs.

- Provide a retreat-like feel, to shut out distractions and improve productivity

- Help manage pressure and top up the creative batteries of your team.

- Reward and motivate your co-workers while igniting better collaboration.

- Inspire your team in an international environment far from the daily grind.

- Combine a unique team-building opportunity with an immersive work experience.

Work in a relaxed environmentFor traditional organisations
If you work in a classic corporate environment, you might think workations are not your thing. In fact, they can be tailored to any type of work needs. You are free to decide what formula suits you best and how to create the perfect mix of work and team fun.
Especially in more structured work environments with a more formal mindset, a work retreat can unleash the creative potential that you didn’t even think your team members could harbour.
Are you ready to pack your laptop and sunglasses, loosen your tie, leave your pearls behind, and suit up for your first company workation?

For creative agencies
From the outside, the creative industry may seem all strokes of genius and unicorns, but you know it’s not always like that. Working in high paced environments that demand continuous cognitive engagement, lateral thinking and fresh ideas can be very draining, and the outputs that your team produces can soon show the results of that type of strain.
So, when taking time off your projects is just not an option, why not turn a limitation into an opportunity? If the vacation can’t go to the team, let the team go on a workation?
Physically removing yourself from the familiar environment of the office can help change perspective and make room for fresh ideas in an entirely new cultural context.

For project-based and virtual work teams
The contemporary forms of work - powered by the advancements in communications - result more and more often in teams operating remotely. With one or more team members working from different places, sometimes across different time zones, climates and cultures, virtual colleagues may even have never met in real life.
As an undesired effect, the perks of working independently may give way to a sense of isolation or micromanagement, depending on the leadership style applied.
A workation can provide a great opportunity for this kind of team to come together, create rapport and establish more personal and effective communication. It also creates the chance to immediately and effectively refocus on the common purpose and brand values.

Workationing in Barcelona at Yays Sagrera.
Did we convince you to quit the daydreaming and start packing? Your work retreat destination is closer than you think. Yays destinations provide plenty of inspiration for your team work-stay.
Our recommendation is that you start with the warm and vibrant capital of Catalunya.
Yays Concierged Boutique apartments in the local neighbourhood of Sagrera make the perfect setting for your office away from the office and offer great leisure opportunity once the team close their laptops.

The name Sagrera indicates sacred ground. It dates back to a feudal time when this area was established by the Church as a safe haven where farmers needn’t fear assaults and lootings.
To this day, the neighbourhood keeps it tranquillity and local vibe that, combined with the modern facilities of Yays serviced apartments, can turn it into your work sanctuary for a few weeks to remember.

Yays Segrera terrace pool

The high-speed internet guarantees the peace of mind of continuous connectivity, while the communal lounge area with pool and sun terrace provide the best break and leisure areas for your company retreat.

- Different accommodation types to choose from.

- Fast and reliable internet connection.

- Fully equipped apartments.

- Neighbourhood co-working spaces and language schools nearby.

- Convenient location, but away from the crowds.

- Authentic Catalan experience on your own terms.

Start planning your European workation: Yays has got you covered!
Get in touch with our Sales Director Yolanda Blomjous to discuss your workation needs.
+31(0)20 523 1026







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