• The Hague

    The Hague

Haagse bluff

To international tourists, The Hague is probably best known as the institutional capital of The Netherlands, home to the International Court of Justice, to the local royals and the Dutch Parliament alongside many other governmental bodiesHowever, locals know that this elegant city located less than an hour of Amsterdam is much more than that. Behind the solemnity of its splendid architectureelegant avenues and lush parks, Den Haag hides an effervescent side that makes it a destination for everyone. A day in Den Haag can look like a day at the beach, an art and culture dive and a foodie paradise, all within the same 24 hours! 


Yays Koninginnegracht opens Q4 2020! 

The Highlights

  • Cycle from the Royal Palace to the Scheveningen beach in 15 minutes

  • A rising food scene with international flair

  • Regal elegance with Dutch sobriety

  • Surprising museums and alternative shopping

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