Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Sep 5, 2019 - Sep 15, 2019

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival takes place in the fringes of the Dutch Theatre Festival, highlighting Amsterdam's local avant-garde drama productions.

The festival is based on the famous and successful International Fringe Festival as they exist in other cities and countries, such as Edinburgh and New York. For 11 festive days, you can see works from over 80 theatre groups, of unorthodox, international theatre directors and artists, at more than 40 different locations in various neighbourhoods throughout Amsterdam.

Fringe is a platform and a refuge for unique artists and their audiences: they invite you to come on a Fringe adventure to roam the fringes of the theatre and the city. From tiny stages and hidden gems to obscure garages and uncultivated areas. Fringe is open and uncurated and presents a varied program featuring artists from a wide range of backgrounds, origins and futures. With a fantastic line-up of international productions, the festival promises a wide selection of events.

About 50% of the shows are suitable for non-Dutch speakers thanks to their extensive "Language No Problem" program.

Please check out the website of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival right here, or ask your concierge at your Yays location for nearby performances.

Preview photo by Annelies Verhelst.

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