New Years Eve in Barcelona

Dec 31, 2018 - Jan 1, 2019

Barcelona has always been a favourite choice when it comes to celebrating. And it doesn't just stick with summer. During New Year's Eve the streets are filled with people gathering together at the town's abundant parties that seem to have no end. Unlike other cities, Barcelona doesn't go heavy on flashing fireworks. Rather, it sticks firecrackers and well kept traditions, such as eating 12 grapes each time the bell rings before midnight, cheering on a glass of cava, and live music in venues and 'plazas'. 

Make the most of your New Year's celebration and unlock the city's best 'fiestas'! See below what's happening on the 31st: 

Magic Fountain of Montjuic

The Magic Fountain once again will turn into a centerpoint for celebration, music, lights and fireworks. We suggest you to arrive from 9.30 pm to experience the best new year's celebration among the locals. 

Antic Theatre 

Usually a hidden gem, this open air terrace bar will open its doors at night (at 00:30) for electronic music lovers who will be able to enjoy New Year's eve with some of Barcelona's finest DJ's combined with visual art.

Festa de Xap dÁny al Foment Hortenc 

Celebrating New Year's Eve won't get much more local than this. Come and join the neighbours in the upper side of Barcelona with dinner, drinks and live music and salut 2018 in Catalan style. 

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