Theatre Festival De Parade

Enjoy a day full of theatre-, dance-, mime-, or music shows at local festival De Parade, a favourite among Amsterdammers.

De Parade is a travelling theatre festival that starts its journey in Rotterdam and travels through The Hague, Utrecht and ends its journey in Amsterdam in a spectacular way. More than 100 theatre-, dance-, mime-, en music shows can be seen on different stages.

Aside from the shows, which are mainly played in the evenings, there is also a big day program featuring a children's Parade with theatre shows and workshops. There really is something for everyone. Whether you’re a die-hard theatre devotee or just going with the flow, you’ll find it here. The festival offers visitors a variety of short and full-length performances, as well as performances in open-air and secret locations. There’s always something new and surprising to look out for!

For more information and tickets click here, or ask your conciërge during your stay at Yays Oostenburgergracht, Zoutkeetsgracht or Bickersgracht.

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