Semana Santa (Holy Week)2019

Apr 14, 2019 - Apr 21, 2019

Unlike other festivities happening in Barcelona, Easter is a relatively calm happening. Locals are more likely to spend their days at home with the family during this time of the year than to go out, eat, and join organized activities. Maybe it isn't the best time to be in Barcelona if you are looking to make new local friends, but it sure is a great time to head your way to this town anyway, here's why:


Spring weather 
The weather is good enough to enjoy a sunny beach day, yet, it isn't crowded with masses of sun seeking tourists. April is also cool enough to enjoy a countryside hike in the surrounding areas without burning yourself in the heat. 


Mid season
Barcelona can get crowded in summers, and 'empty' in winters. April is just the sweet spot to enjoy lively days and evenings without having to wait for your turn in restaurants, getting stuck with hurdles of tourist groups on the streets, or taking pictures with equally busy streets. What's more, you can get better deals for your stay too! 

Don't miss out on a great spring time in Barcelona and book your extended stay here!



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