The Yays Neighbourhood Guide

Yays loves curious travellers: for them, we have no secrets! That's why we created The Yays Neighbourhood Guide: an independent distillation of Yays’ local knowledge. Every Yays guest receives a copy as a welcome gift: it’s their key to unlock the neighbourhood; a shortcut to local living, filled with tips about dining, drinking, wellness, shopping and culture. 

The Yays Neighbourhood Guide is also a sincere act of appreciation towards the people who share their neighbourhoods with Yays and their guests, in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, and more European cities to come. 

Yays is not in the restaurant business, nor does spas or retail. Why would you want these services to be in-house when your Yays Concierge or the Yays Neighbourhood Guide can recommend some terrific places run by small entrepreneurs in the surrounding streets?

With a Yays Concierge on your side and the Yays Neighbourhood Guide in your pocket, you’re ready to discover all the treasures hiding in plain sight away from other tourists and their copycat itineraries.


Yays gives you the ingredients and the inspiration to get an authentic, unfiltered taste of neighbourhood life alongside the city’s must-sees. This way, creating your own itinerary, writing your unique story and making happy travel memories will feel as easy as cooking your favourite recipe. 

You receive the Yays neighbourhood guide exclusively on arrival at your Yays location. Want a sneak preview of the full neighbourhood selection? Download the Yays App on iOS or Android devices.