First Heartbeat - an opening party to taste the spirit of the neighbourhood

Yays First Heartbeat - Entrepothaven edition - will take place on November 21st in Amsterdam. The event is Yays' own recipe to turn a new building into a home. To inaugurate Yays Entrepothaven, Yays invited small businesses from the neighbourhood, Amsterdam residents, journalists and bloggers to ignite the first heartbeat of the new building in the place that more than any other embodies the heart and soul of every home: the kitchen.

The opening party

While marking the official opening of the new location of Yays Entrepothaven, Yays First Heartbeat will celebrate everything that Yays stands for: the joy of feeling at home everywhere in the world, the sense of togetherness that comes from sharing authentic travel experiences, and the neighbourhoods that hold the true sense of place of a city.

Cooking workshops & neighbourhood dinner

The centrepiece of the party will be a series of a cooking workshops to inaugurate the shining brand-new kitchens of Yays Entrepothaven.
Right after travelling together, cooking together is one of the most bonding activities you can engage in. The kitchen is the place where people come together, make the best memories and share the most meaningful experiences.

Yays is calling on those who share this vision to join the cooking workshops that will take place during Yays First Heartbeat at Yays Entrepothaven on November 21st and turn the new building into a home for all the Yays travellers to come.

The kitchen brigades will consist of neighbours, foodies, bloggers, Yays concierges and 15 lucky winners of the First Heartbeat social media contest, Yays' special guests for the evening.

The evening includes a neighbourhood dinner (after the cooking workshops) as well as other fun activities that will allow the party guests to discover the world of Yays and the neighbourhood of Yays Entrepothaven. The neighbourhood is in fact a central ingredient in the First Heartbeat recipe - as it is in the Yays travel concept and ethos - with small local businesses featured in the Yays Neighbourhood Guide sharing their stories over tastings, demos and more.


First Heartbeat

Thursday, November 21st
Yays Entrepothaven
Cruquiuseweg 65, 1019 AT Amsterdam

Contest winners will be announced on November 7th


4:30PM: Welcome workshop participants
5PM - 7PM: Cooking workshops
5PM - 9PM: Welcome reception, official opening, neighbourhood dinner, interactive apartment tours and more


Want to join a cooking workshop and be our special guest? Click here to share your kitchen memories, become part of First Heartbeat and learn more about the neighbourhood.

Yays Entrepothaven

Amsterdam has multiple neighbourhoods who are evidence of how urban space can be the result of imagination, initiative and love for the future. The Eastern Docklands, where Yays Entrepothaven is located, is one of those. Man-made peninsulas which used to be an extension of the port of Amsterdam and an industrial area - nowadays an up-and-coming neighbourhood for residential and business purposes. The Cruquius peninsula is one with many stories to tell, ranging from its history as the abattoir and auction site for kettle to the period that city nomads took over and created a cultural haven for many. Yays aims to share these stories with all its temporary residents.

The building will be a highlight of the Cruquius peninsula, visible from far around and functioning as the entrée of the peninsula. The 85 newly constructed boutique apartments vary from studios to large two-bedroom apartments with interiors based on two themes, related to the harbour next door. It will be the home of a mixture of guests; families wishing to unlock the neighbourhood and a majority of business travellers or expats relocating to Amsterdam.


Nov 5, 2019
By: Lianne
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