The Yays - Crane Apartment

'The Yays - Crane Apartment' is back in its hometown Amsterdam!

The monumental Figee crane 2868 is one of the few tangible memories of the maritime history of the Eastern Isles. The monumental crane was dismantled in January 2016 and transported to the North of the Netherlands for a renovation.

The Crane has revived and will be renamed into 'The Yays - Crane Apartment' soon. The quay was renovated as well and the crane has been put back into place at the Surinamekade in Amsterdam.

The unique monument is set up and decorated as an apartment, keeping in mind its heritage. 'The Yays - Crane Apartment' is ready to serve as the 'new' icon of the Eastern Isles in Amsterdam.

We're currently working on the crane its interior and that is why 'The Yays' is not bookable online yet. We expect more pictures of and information about 'The Yays - Crane Apartment' on short-term and will share it on our website.

Do you want to ensure your stay at 'The Yays - Crane Apartment' already? Contact us! We expect that you can experience your unique stay as of mid-December.

Nov 1, 2017
By: Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments
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