Recruitment Event

You, the one who is passionate about hospitality and strong on personality.
You, the one who salutes new beginnings with a smile and lightens up with every new challenge.
You, the one who is looking for a job where you can be yourself and welcome the world to your neighbourhood…

You have an appointment with Yays on November 14th

Be at the centre of an exciting new beginning! During the second Yays, You! recruitment event in Paris, a brand-new team will be selected for our upcoming new location Yays Issy.    

Come be part of this new opening, express yourself and let your energy make a difference!
Start something new with Yays! 

THURSDAY, November 14th 2019
Programme starts 16:00 - End at 20:00
18 Rue Marbeuf, PARIS 8


We are looking for new colleagues for the Front of House and the Technical Department. 

Yays, You! is your fast track to all the current vacancies. Whatever makes you happy - be it fixing things, dealing with numbers or with guests - we are looking for the person beyond the CV.


Come meet Yays, be You!  


The event

Be part of Yays, You!, our energy-packed, yay-worthy recruitment event, on November 14th. 
After its first Amsterdam edition, earlier this year, the event is coming to Paris, to recruit the opening team of Yays Issy. It’s an opportunity to meet your potential new colleagues, connect with other passionate hospitality professionals like you, and explore the world of Yays.

There will be workshops, fun activities, food and drinks.

Spots are limited. Sign up now, get an invite and come discover your Yays side!

The event

Yays Issy

With 38 brand-new fully equipped boutique apartments, Yays Issy will be a new highlight of Issy-les-Moulineaux.

If you want to experience the true vibe of Paris local life away from the touristy hustle and bustle, in a neighbourhood still full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered, Issy is the place to be.

Yays Issy