Work at Yays

We’re only as local as our staff. So if you’re from the neighbourhood and you’d like to make guests to our city feel like more than just visitors, we’d love to meet you for a cup of coffee!

'Yays makes visitors feel like residents'

Yays is a new 'travel and stay' concept for visitors of the city and those travelling for work. Through the neighbourhood Guide, we recommend the hidden treasures in the neighbourhood and let them get acquainted with local products and establishments. 

Our concierged boutique apartments are always located outside the touristic centre of a city. The buildings that house Yays offer great historical value, which is also reflected in the interior design. The Yays Concierges or Front Office representative are the core of the Yays concept and do everything from check-ins, administration and practical tasks to answering questions about what to do in the city at any point.