Amsterdam Light Festival

dic 1, 2017 - ene 21, 2018

As if Amsterdam isn’t picturesque enough as it is, there’s the annual Amsterdam Light Festival. Local and international artists and architects find their way to the city of Amsterdam during the winter months to display their illuminating works. 

Did you know... that the beautiful light art installations of Amsterdam Light Festival are made exclusively for the festival? From works in the masts of the VOC ship 'de Amsterdam' to the artworks harnessed above the Prinsengracht - all are created with that specific location as their inspiration!   

The Amsterdam Light Festival displays some of the most innovative and unique works of art each year, by working together with talented artists, architects and designers. More than 1800 artists from 45 different countries submitted their amazing ideas in last year's Call for Concepts. From 30 November 2017 until 21 January 2018 the artworks will illuminate the centre of Amsterdam for 53 consecutive days.

Visit the water exposition by booking a Water Colors cruise or admire the new land exposition at the Marineterrein Amsterdam.

For tickets and more information, contact your concierge during your stay at Yays Oostenburgergracht, Yays Bickersgracht or Yays Zoutkeetsgracht!

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