Museum 't Kromhout


A unique piece of Amsterdam history

Museum 't Kromhout (The Kromhout Shipyard) is located on the Hoogte Kadijk in Amsterdam. It’s one of the few shipyards of cultural and historical importance that is still operating – a unique combination of an industrial monument, operating shipyard and museum.

Established in 1757, 't Kromhout Shipyard is a living museum that still has an active repair yard. The shipyard’s main activities are restoring and repairing of all kinds of floating vessels, both modern and historical models. Ships still lie on the shipway. The museum’s exhibition explains shipbuilding and the development of naval propulsion. Here you will find the oldest remaining steam winch as well as ancient shipbuilding tools and steam engines. The museum also has a fine collection of internal combustion engines.

More a collection of ship engines, among them famous diesel engines built by the Dutch firm Kromhout, used for longer than a century in small ships and yachts, this museum uses sometimes name Machinekamer (Engine Room), but its official full name is Museum Shipyard “’t Kromhout”, as its engines collection is located side by side with working even now, small “Van Amerongen” shipyard.

Museum 't Kormhout

The museum is run by a circle of friends, shipbuilding fanatics, often former Kromhout employees.

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12 sep 2017
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